My little guy at home is a major video game fan.  While I “love” that he “loves” something I dream of him being a little more creative and using his mind just a little bit more.  I am super thrilled to have discovered Stikbot: truly the first “social media sharing toy” that you can make do whatever your heart desires.  Make Stikbot dance, move, exercise, karate kick: if it is in your mind, stikbot can do it.  Simply download the android or iOS app and you are on your way to making your very own movie!  My son absolutely loved giving this a try; in an instant he was both director and writer of the show and I adored how excited he became!  Our stikbot was jumping and flipping in one frame and running in the next!  The tripod set up was super easy (comes in the box) and after attaching your smartphone you are on your way.  Once you have gone through editing your masterpiece you can share your piece with friends via text and social media!  You can even #stikbot to share your video with the Company itself!  Right now through Nov 29th enter Stikbots “Make Stikbot A Star” contest by uploading your video to YouTube using tag #stikbot and filling out the entry form.  Submit and you could be a cash winner.  (Entries must be from the U.S. and you must be 13 years or older to enter).  With all social media, please have your parents permission!  I truly enjoyed spending the afternoon with my son creating and scheming for Stikbot’s many adventures!  Stikbot is available for purchase through ( or by heading to Zing Toy Shop (  Toys R Us and Walmart carry some products as well.  This is a creative must for your holiday gift giving this season!




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