Sunnyland Farms – Spring 2021 Specials

Since 1948, Sunnyland Farms has been around. That is literally older than me, and most of my team here. That alone is an incredible feat.

That said, they are right in the heart of Georgia and  take their pecan farm products to a national audience.

What you see in this shot is their: Spring Sampler, Pecan Trio, and Brittle Collection.  If you’re loved one is a a fan of Pecan and Brittle, this is a great present.

I love these gifts because they remind me of the tins that I used to get around Christmas time, but now you can really order them any time of year.

With Father’s Day coming up, this might be a different take on another idea to get your spouse.  Maybe you had a great trip to Georgia and just want the memories.

Or maybe, your husband is like mine, a sweet tooth who is always eating junk. At least, they’ll now have snacks made by a family owned farm and not the crazy chemicals he normally goes for.

They not only have a mail order catalog, but ordering online is super simple. I found their website really easy and straightforward.

But, I also loved reading the reviews because you see people have been fans of their products for literally generations.