Super Bowl 2021 – Our Favorite Commericals

I only watch the Super Bowl for the commercials. In fact, I literally mute the game as I just find the whole concept annoying. Then I blast the commercials which are by far the best part of the Super Bowl.

I grabbed the staff and asked them to list their favorite Super Bowl commercials for 2021 and then scientifically chose the best 10 to watch. Will you be watching the commercials or the game?


Tide Jason Alexander Hoodie

For any Seinfeld fans, this is by far hysterical.  Just so many references and so well produced and so adorable.



I’m not crying, you’re crying.  In this one, “Can a Burrito change the world?” I just feel like I need to love Chipolte forever.  I have no idea why.

Bud Light Legends

This is a trailer for a commercial. That is all.  Just the fact that they’re producing trailers for commercials brings me joy.


I’m confused and intrigued. I mean, Astronauts, Pirates. I have no clue what’s happening and why but just watch it confused.

Ford Finish Strong

Can I have an electric mustang yet? I really feel like I need one.


This is not eBay. I don’t know what it is, but it’s like eBay, but it’s not.



Bud Light Seltzer

I mean do these guys work on these commercials for years?  These things are so crazy produced.


Vroom Dealership Plan


I crapped my pants thinking about buying a car.  This scared the crap out of me. I’ve never been so scared to go to a dealer again.


Stella Artois | Heartbeat Billionaire

I would leave my husband to make sexy time with Lenny Kravitz in ten minutes. If he’s drinking Stella Artois, I’m going to drink it.



Dolly Parton – Squarespace

Anything that Dolly touches is gold.  I would follow Dolly to the ends of the earth just to be near her. She’s wonderful and I love her more than I love Betty White. This is my favorite.