For sure I have eyes in the back of my head..

You legit cannot trust a living soul today.  Neighbors, babysitters; it just doesn’t matter.  I kinda wanna see it all regardless of whom I trust or whom I don’t.  I worked hard to have these kids and I am gonna protect them no matter what.

I wanna share two options with you that I love.  And I want you to know that I am not someone who is super tech savvy at all.

The company I am checking out is ezviz.  The Mini Trooper is an HD security camera that works both in and outdoors.  This is completely weather-proof and the battery life is sick like 9 months.  I love how I just super quick download the app and get up to date alerts and see live feed of what the heck is going on at the home I work so hard to pay for.  Basically all you need is a router and a smart phone or tablet and you are well on your way.  Weather is not an issue; rain/snow it just doesn’t matter.  For a little over a hundred bucks you are in the “know” all the time no matter where you are.

Next up the Mini 360 Plusthis is full room coverage without worry.  Can’t see what you wanna see? This baby has a 92 degree tilt and if you use the app you can easily manipulate the view you desire.  Side note (and this is TOTALLY AWESOME)  you can do a cool “two-way talk” thing so if you wanna let your kids or pets know you see them you can!  Kind of a neat way to still reiterate that you are in control.  This cam is around $80 and completely worth it.  Talk to the kids, talk to you pet, watch over the sitter; the sky is the limit.

From what I have experienced so far I am super happy!

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