Why Surf Grip is saving me trips to the car

The beach and summer is great; the lugging of crap to and from the ocean maybe not so much.  In addition to coolers, towels, sunscreen and clearly the makings for a spritzer I also have the fun task of carrying the children’s boogie boards and swimming/surfing paraphernalia.  I was asked to give Surf Grip! a whirl and we did this weekend.  This product is literally a lightweight foam “paddle” for your hand that you ride waves with.  Inside the foam “hand” you hold the handle and wait for the current to move past your ankles.  Then dive into the wave and off you go.  Both kids gave it a try and after a few test runs they had it together.  It ironically improved my daughter’s buoyancy in the water and made me more comfortable with her ability to withstand the ocean’s waves anyhow.  Bonus score for this always worried mommy!

So let’s recap: Surf Grip! is easier to carry to the beach than these cumbersome boogie boards.  It actually improves your ability to withstand the current and my kids had a blast.  The cost is around $16 which is also fantastic.

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