SWAGTRON K7 3-in-1 Tricycle and Balance Bike

Kids need so much more movement and outlets for their energy right now with the pandemic, and SWAGTRON provides fun ways to help kids move!  Besides their lines of hoverboards, skateboards, scooters, and electric bikes, SWAGTRON also has introduced their K7 3-in-1 Tricycle and Balance Bike for the younger kids.  For toddlers, it can be a chore trying to learn how to ride a bike.  The K7 helps them prepare for that with the unique way it can transition from tricycle to balance bike to regular bike.  I for one love this concept because, as someone who had never heard of/seen a balance bike before, I had gotten one (not SWAGTRON) for my first kid about a year ago, and returned it to the store when I thought it was missing pieces because it didn’t come with pedals.  I was a little perturbed when I found out, that for $50, it doesn’t come with pedals, so I would have to end up buying her a different bike later on with pedals.  SWAGTRON solves that dilemma by having the pedals included and they can be attached or removed at the parent’s discretion and the child’s need/comfort level.  For under $50, SWAGTRON is a much better buy, both for the quality, durability, and the versatility of the K7.

The SWAGTRON K7 3-in-1 Tricycle and Balance Bike is available in pink or blue.  It is surprisingly easy to put together, and I was very impressed with the design.  You can start your child out with it set up as a tricycle, and the back wheels will fold out.  The seat is fully adjustable to meet the child’s height comfortably.  When your child is ready for the balance bike portion or if they would like to use the tricycle without pedals, the pedals pop out and can be stored on the front of the bike in a special holder that attaches to the bike (thank goodness because I would lose them in the garage!).  The back wheels can be adjusted to be in bike formation when the child is ready for a balance bike or regular bike.  I also really liked that the handle bar was adjustable and could be bent in order to make it more comfortable to grab and hold depending on the child’s size.  The materials on each part are sturdy and definitely meant for lasting.  The solid wheel hubs make sure that no shoelaces gets caught up while riding, and the wheel design is so that it can be used inside or outside without worry of floors getting scratched or dinged.  The K7 is under 7 lbs, making it light and easy to pick up and take with you.  It is designed for toddlers as young as 10 months old, and built to last until age 5.  After age 5, you can transition your kid to one of the other exciting SWAGTRON products.  Get your kids moving and check out the K7 and more at https://swagtron.com/.