Wacoal America still makes classic but gorgeous bras

Ciao Bella Balconette BraWe heard of Wacoal, just like everybody. Do you see their bras in Nordstrom and other major stores. Now with the advent of Amazon, I’ve had many friends buying their bras from unknown named retailers on Amazon.

What do I love about Wacoal?

First, is the quality. These are made by hand in their own factories and it shows. You can almost tell when something is “real” versus the mass marketed stuff I see online now.

Second, is how it looks. One customer review wrote: Literally the most gorgeous bra and brand EVER

Yeah, this reminds me of the real stuff I used to buy before Covid when I could actually go out and get fitted.

Third, I love the history. They launched in 1949 in Japan. Literally 70 years ago. Sometimes when I look online I feel like the company was just me in a week and a half ago from my neighbor down the block. Nothing against my neighbor, but I’d like a company with a little bit of history behind it.

But look at that photo. That’s the Ciao Bella Balconette Bra. I wasn’t going to risk you seeing my non modeling mom bod in it, but I’ll tell you it look gorgeous. Even with this photo not on a model, it looks good.

Check it out.