SweetLeaf Water Drops

In my effort to drink more water and try to be both healthier and more conscience of what I am putting into my body, “SweetLeaf Water Drops” could not have come into my life at a better time!  I am exactly the person these wonder drops were invented for: you drink more water, stay hydrated and get to add some great tasting flavor to your water without adding the sugar!  The drops are made with Stevia sweetener; no added calories or carbs and my personal favorite feature: no artificial sweeteners and sugars!  This makes SweetLeaf Water Drops perfect for anyone who is watching their sugar levels or just trying to watch their weight!

The water drops come in convenient 2.1 fl oz bottles that are super packable into your work tote, desk drawer or purse.  I tried all four flavors: lemon lime, raspberry lemonade, strawberry kiwi and peach mango and each one was more delicious than the next.  I think my favorite was the lemon lime but it is so hard for me to pick one.  I added one drop and my water was instantly a yummy flavored drink.  The bottle retails for $4.99; super affordable and you can scoop up all 4!  There are also other wonderful flavored items and you can read about all of them or make a purchase by visiting http://www.sweetleaf.com.  So glad these water drops give me extra super power in my fight to be fit!

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