Bio Chem 100% Whey Protein

As I am eternally on the pursuit to better eating and family health ( and how I can do so so much better than I am), I was happy to try out 100% Whey Protein from Bio Chem.  For 15 years this fantastic company has been bringing us high quality whey protein from grass-fed cows.  This is totally free from artificial hormones, 99% lactose free, soy free and certified gluten free.  This makes it such a tasty option for pretty much everyone! For a quick simple drink, you can simply add 6 oz of water; I, however jumped on their website and tried out one of their awesome recipes.  The Whey Better Colada combines coconut milk, pineapple and ice and I was on my way to ultimate (and super healthy) yumminess!  I was crazy impressed with how good it was; I am learning that it doesn’t have to “taste yucky” to be great for your body.

Bio-Chem has so many great choices I can see myself ordering a different one each time.  Can’t wait to try out Natural, Chocolate, Vegan Vanilla and Chocolate (100% plant derived and certified vegan), Organic Vanilla and Natural and especially Greens and Whey (vanilla, chocolate and berries!!).  They also offer sugar free options; sky is the limit here on ultimate health drinks!  Prices vary based on size of container ($19-$30) or they even offer single serve packets for our busy on the go lives.  Visit their website (above) for more nutritional information; they are available for purchase in health food stores, vitamin stores, and to name a few.

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