Take Virtual Learning Up A Notch With Adonit!

I know school is pretty much over for the year, but since we just do not know what is happening for September and I’m not entirely sure the kids are 100% ready for the next year ahead, I have decided to keep the learning and growing going over the summer.  I mean, what do we all really have to do anyhow?!

Both kids are super tech-savvy these days.  Not just with the smart phones but also the laptops, tablets and app-based meeting rooms they’ve been taking part in for months now.  Whether they go back to school virtually, or into the actual building, both my kids will be doing much of their work electronically anyhow so I am always on the hunt for a new and exciting accessory to go alongside their technology.  I have spent a few days now using my new Adonit Note UVC and I am for sure buying both children one ASAP!  This “pen” is light as a feather but writes just like a pen.  It is perfect for use with your iPad.  This product is coming soon to a web browser near you and will run you about $70.00.  This actually has a UVC light built in that will keep our tools and appliances safer from all these germs we can’t stop worrying about these days.  Simply rotate the light across your tablet/laptop etc and you are on your way!  While this technology is all great; the worry for all the touch screen items has been keeping me up at night so this was helping me feel much better.   This is easy button action to turn the stylus on and off as well as turning UVC lights on and off; you will be hooked on this pen two minutes into using it.  Other options are available as well for all your individual stylus needs.

Check out all that Adonit has to offer – and get ready for this new addition to their wonderfully impressive product line!