Top Ten Coloring Books on Trump

Okay, I had no idea this was such a thing. But it turns out there are quite a few coloring books about Trump. Most of these are probably not the best for children, but if you have any Trump fans this might appeal to them. Then again if you have somebody who hates Trump this might appeal to them.

Maybe that’s the answer, it’s just whether you love or hate Trump we can agree that coloring books can be funny.


Okay, this one seems a bit straightforward and pretty affordable at only $4.98.
I do adore this one. I mean, it’s animals, they’re cute and they have his hair. It’s not mean spirited unless you hate animals and who hates animals?
Do you ever see Trump and think, “He looks just like Superman”? Well then, you’re in luck. You got the book for you!
Trump and North Korea, Trump and Area 51, this has all the things. I think it’s supposed to be anti Trump but I had a Trump fan who liked it actually.
This is a die-hard Trump book. The artist places Trump everywhere. He’s at Mount Rushmore (which is a bit of a theme) and he’s crossing the Delaware.
When are your kids old enough to learn about Maga? Any age for this book. This is clearly more directed towards kids and hopes to get them into the “amazing” movement that is MAGA.
The premise here is that Trump is more of your “Unkle”. Sure he looks 20 years younger but he can help your kids with their ABC’s, like as in F is for Fillibuster.
I do take offense to the title. Not being a liberal, but were children’s books ever not great? And he’s saying this is the style of Dr. Seuss. I’m not sure on that. I mean if it’s the style of Dr. Seuss and Dr. Seuss was great, doesn’t this defeat the logic that books aren’t great. This is very confusing.
Now I really want to me Trumps’ friend. This Trump just looks adorable. Sure he’s saying he’s a king and maybe the book is a bit mean but I happen to love the icon of Trump here.
This book seems rather serious for a coloring book. I know they say it’s for adults but I feel it just looks rather serious.
This has to be my favorite. I mean, there are so many things going on here. The MILFS doesn’t feel like it’s being used the right way. They have accompanying videos which is another issue. The women reflecting strength are a bit boobie. So many thoughts and feelings here.