Taking Care Of Our Men

Lets face it; we would like to say we ladies can run the world but isn’t it more fun with our man beside us??!!

Lets take care of these amazing men in our lives and give them some great Father’s Day treats to pamper themselves with!  We are loving the following products we’ve been checking out!

RUduDE Be-all and End-all: This men’s skincare line has three great items.  Their Foam Cleanser ($11) is great for the beginning and end of the day. Perfect for before shaving.  The Shave Lotion ($10) is a MUST and has these great mint/tea tree extracts that reduce irritation and soothe/moisture the skin.  Their Lotion ($13) is basically toner, moisturizer and essence all in one.  And lets face it; our men aren’t going to complete a 10 step skin process so this is perfect!

Fulton & Roark: These are great men’s grooming products for looking and smelling great.  What could be better.  So many great fragrances available; each one has soaps/oils/deodorant/colognes/lotions and more.  Their Cologne Tins ($52) is so awesome and unique.  We are trying out “Palmetto” which is a nice peppery, woodsy and magnolia scent.  The tin is the perfect size to stick in your bag/pocket/locker/carry-on luggage and will last up to 4 months (daily use) or 7 months (regular use).

Workman’s Relief CBD: this is professional strength CBD for the hard worker in your life.  My hubby is loving their CBD Oil Tincture (3000mg).  It is very helpful with muscle pain relief but can be just as helpful with mental relief.  He said it is very much helping loosen his back and helping him sleep better.  The cost is just under $40.

Elixinol CBD Products:  these are amazing quality products that help with daily balance, immunity, sleep, stress, comfort and mood.  Who doesn’t fall into those categories??!!  My husband is really liking their Active Body Comfort Capsules ($65).  These are giving your body extra TLC and helping reduce inflammation and soreness.  They are made from USA grown hemp and can be taken twice daily. In the world of topical products you simply must check out their Hemp Balm ($25).  This is going to nourish your dry and irritated skin and has such great essential oils.  Nothing harsh in here at all and safe for all skin types.

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