Fresh Wave Odor Removal Products

Listen…we have all been cooped up for a year now.  We are cleaning and purging our closets; yet if you have a teenager like I do no matter how much cleaning and sprucing you do it just isn’t enough.  Enter the great products from Fresh Wave and we are doing much much better.

These products are totally natural.  That means no harsh chemicals, perfumes or toxic ingredients.  The odor vacates the premises and you don’t have to worry about what you are touching, breathing in, etc.  They are safe for people of all ages, pets and our planet.  The odor eliminating spray is great for clothes, pet bedding, sports gear, backpacks, shoes and garbage cans.  Basically what I am saying here is that you need like 5 backups for this product at all times.  All you do is shake and spray and you will be in good shape.  Cost is about $7 for an 8oz spray bottle.  Their odor eliminating gel is great for your smelly room, basement or even area around the litter box.  It couldn’t be easier; all you do is open the lid and remove the seal.  you replace every month or so and the cost is only $9 for 8 ounces and $15 for 15 oz.  Also think closets, trash cans, campers, even a diaper pail and you must have their odor removing pack.  This you just toss in and and you are on your way.  The cost is about $10 for 6 packs that last from 1-2 months each.  Super reasonably for quality odor control!

You cannot go wrong.  Odor removers that smell great and keep your house and the areas your loved one’s hang out in free of the “smelly stuff”.