Talia di Napoli: Gluten Free Pizza

image of two Talia Di Napoli Pizzas

I have one kid that can eat just about anything and another that has to watch the gluten and some other items.  The differences in the offerings available are huge and often I feel terrible for my child who “cannot eat all the good stuff” everyone else does.  Enter gluten-free Margherita pizza from Talia di Napoli and suddenly everything is just a little bit better in my house.

Talia di Napoli is basically “From Naples to Your Table” and they are not kidding around with the quality.  This is all-natural and handmade in Naples in wood-fired ovens.  The minute the pies come out of the oven they are cryofrozen and basically put to sleep until you are ready to enjoy them.  It honestly takes just under 10 minutes to heat up. I used my convection toaster oven, to be honest, and the crust was crispy and had that “fresh out of the oven” feel.

We were sent this amazing pack of gluten-free Margherita pizzas that arrived frozen.  They are made with basil, olive oil, water, gluten-free dough, gluten-free flour, tomatoes, mozzarella, and parmesan.  Only the good stuff I tell ya!  We were a little skeptical because typically GF pizza crust is a mushy mess, but this one was really delicious!  Very fresh ingredients and very crispy!  Basically, everyone in my house tried and enjoyed it!  Other options are also available!  You simply must check them out!

Try Talia Di Napoli authentic Neapolitan pizza today. Ships most anywhere in the US.