Tamalitoz Candies by Sugarox

How about some great new candies to enjoy, inspired by the flavors of Mexico!  I know, so cool and different; you have to check them out.

Tamalitoz by Sugarox is a great candy sensation that brings the perfect blend of “heat” and “sweet.”  These are inspired by the amazing flavors of Mexico; but unlike traditional Mexican candies, which have chili covering on the outside, these treats have chili on the inside.  The minute you try them, you get a sweet tangy taste and then some awesome heat.

We received such a great sampling of all their awesome flavors.  I truly don’t know which one I like the best. They are all really so unique and awesome!

Flavor offerings include watermelon, cucumber, mango, tamarind, pineapple, cherry, blood orange, green apple, peach, and cranberry.  I do want to mention that the cucumber really is so different and amazing – completely worth the try!  I like how different these are; not the same old hard candies you see in all your local candy shops and drug stores.  These are great to have on hand in your purse or tote because, hey, you never know when you may want a treat!

Bags of about 40 cost about $3.99; you can also grab 5 packs of one flavor for $17.95 and cool multipacks for $17.95-28.00 depending on the quantity.  Check them out!