Great Antibacterial Face Masks

We still need to wear and carry masks; who knew this would go on this long, but sadly it still is.  Since we are all going to try and travel more now (resume much-needed rest and relaxation family experiences), this mommy is always on the hunt for the best protection out there to help us move about.

Naroo Mask has two great options we were sent to try out.  These were life-savers on a recent trip.

F.U PLUS COPPER – ANTIBACTERIAL COPPER FILTERING FACE MASK ($34.50):  these have copper nano yarn woven into the fabric.  What does that do?? Well, it deodorizes, prevents static, and kills pathogens.  This series of masks already has their exclusive “Micronet” fabric that filters out dust, pollen, and other small particles.  They fit really comfortably on your face, and as a person who wears glasses, I want to mention that the fogging really doesn’t happen here like with other mask brands.  Earloops are comfortable and the mask stays in place.  Very easy to wash and completely reusable over and over again.

F.U PLUS – REUSABLE FILTERING BREATHABLE FACE MASK ($23.00):  this is a very comfortable great mask for everyday use.  My husband loves it for his workouts at the gym.  Same “Micronet” fabric that blocks out harmful particles.  Same really comfy ear loops and snug/safe fit.  You can wash it very easily and keep reusing.

They are available in a few size and color options – consider these for your household!  We are certainly glad we got to try them out!