Ten Alkaline Spring Water

I cannot keep cases of water in this house.  I seem to be buying more and more each day which is great because I know everyone is staying hydrated.  Check out Ten Alkaline Spring Water and you will probably fall in love as quickly as I did.  This is water rich with essential alkaline minerals and electrolytes.  Super refreshing with a higher pH.  This is sourced from only natural springs (no tap water here).  The bottles/cans are all BPA free.  I feel like everyone thinks just because they are drinking bottled water they are all good.  Not always the case; some of your bottled water is actually coming from a tap source.  This water is being regulated and inspected so you know it is only the best all the time.

I love that they now have a new aluminum can version.  This gives you a better option to the single use plastic bottle.  These are available in a great 8 pack that you can find at your favorite chain supermarket alongside walmart.com and Amazon Prime.  I love me an option that has my family consuming only the best in water and all the while we are keeping the environment in mind as well.  Check them out!