The CoralUV is a Large Scale UV Cleaner

The Coral UV is a “unit” of sanitizing and cleaning machine. This machine is a unit. That’s what the cool kids say for a machine or thing that is pretty damn impressive in size. It is bigger than a toaster oven and large enough to hold quite a few objects, so don’t think it’s crazy big but much bigger than what I’ve seen.


But before I take the road of it’s awesome size, I should rewind a bit. Ever since the great time of Covid began, was probably the first time that I ever heard of a UV light. Prior to Covid, it was usually a light we used to see strange and confusing posters in college.


On top of that, the quality of such things were usually sorely lacking. Even at the beginning of Covid they were generally speaking, sent over from China, small and rather nondescript.


With an intro like that you could imagine the punchline I’m going for hear. This is none of those things. This is a beast that is big enough to handle what you need but not too obnoxious to take up the entire counter. There is no point in describing the nuances of how many lights are in it or what specific color is XYZ.


The point here is this is a large unit, large enough to cover a few cell phones and make one happy. This is not some shabby off-the-shelf product from foreign land which barely does the job.

Check it out at CoralUV.