Lublu – The Baby Carrier for Your Adventures

Lublu Baby Carrier 6

I have been looking for a good baby carrier for a while now, and I wanted to share with you this amazing product: Lublu. It is a diaper bag and baby carrier in one.

I am not made to stay at home. I need to go out, and so does my child. We live in a region with plenty of national parks and great trails. (Have you ever tried taking a stroller into nature?) And the city nearby is known for its stairs, steep streets, and old cobblestone roads. No fun for a stroller at all.




Lublu Baby Carrier

Lublu Baby Carrier 2The Lublu Baby Carrier clips into a large and spacious diaper bag designed like a backpack. It perfectly holds all of your essentials for the baby and still has room for a picnic. In a side pocket of the diaper bag, you find a little folded package that quickly unfolds into a baby carrier. You then attach it securely to your shoulders and hips.

The fun thing is, that this carrier grows with your child. Does she suddenly decide she wants to walk? No problem, in no time you pack away the carrier part and you put it away in the side pocket of your diaper bag. Your hands are left free, so you can enjoy the time with your children and not be stuck with a warm baby carrier. And if after 10 minutes she wants to be carried again, you do not even have to stop your stride. In less than a minute, you have your baby carrier back.


Lublu Baby Carrier 5Lublu Diaper Bag

Now let’s talk backpack. I love this diaper bag! It separates into two halves, so you can find everything fast. (It even comes with a binky-holder within reach of the child.) There are plenty of compartments with see-through mesh. I get everything organized easily!

And you can choose between 7 different colors. The diaper bag and baby carrier sell separately, so you can even mix and match. And for those who prefer wraps to baby carriers: Lublu offers this option as well!