The Courtyard Long Island City by Marriott

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The Courtyard Long Island City by Marriott

The Courtyard Long Island City by Marriott is a 14-floor hotel that also features residential units above the 14th floor. Our journey to Long Island City was effortless, and locating the hotel was a breeze. We were pleased to find out that the hotel offers valet parking in the garage, which had elevator access to the hotel. The hotel’s location was such that we could easily walk to most places, so we didn’t use our car until we were leaving.

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Upon arrival, we were impressed by the hotel’s cleanliness and modernity.  We were welcomed by the friendly staff that was eager to assist us with anything we needed.  Lucy even gave us great recommendations on places to eat in the area.

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Our room was located on the 14th floor and was spacious and boasted an excellent view of Long Island City.  The complimentary breakfast was a delightful experience, with a nice selection of food, including Starbucks coffee, which I was particularly excited about. The room was equipped with a Keurig machine, which was an added bonus. Furthermore, we had access to the fitness center.

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Long Island City

Situated in the borough of Queens, Long Island City is a trendy neighborhood.  Its location is very convenient, with easy access to the city via train.  It’s a quick ride to NYC via train or approximately a thirty-minute car ride to midtown.

The area may appear to be surrounded by highrises and industrial development at first glance. But when we explored the area further, we discovered an impressive range of diverse restaurants, charming shops, and artistic elements. We saw murals and sculptures on our way to the riverfront.

The riverfront park is an excellent spot for visitors and locals to enjoy. It was a beautiful day, and some people had even set up picnics. Others relaxed on benches or walked their dogs. The community is dog-friendly, making it an ideal destination for pet owners.

After a nice dinner at Murray’s Cheese Bar, we headed back to the hotel for a restful evening.   If someone wants a home base that is close to New York City without NYC prices, this is a great option to explore.  I also think that if you’re a train enthusiast or if you have kids that like choo-choo trains, the views from the top floor looking down on the trains are really cool.

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Staying at the Long Island City Courtyard is not only an affordable alternative to staying in a Manhattan hotel, but it is also a great way to explore  Long Island City, an artistic up-and-coming area in Queens.