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As soon as I walked into Yuksel Sahin Hair Salon NYC, Lire, who works with Yuksel as the Junior Stylist, welcomed me. Lire is a fashionista that has worked with Yuksel for over a year. She also does Keratin treatments for clients.

I was a little early for my appointment however they were eager to get started.

As soon as I met Yuksel, I felt comfortable and knew I was in expert hands. He was a great listener and after having a short conversation about what I wanted and needed, he gave me great suggestions for my hair and hair care.  We decided to touch up my roots and do lowlights. It was several weeks since I colored my hair so it was starting to look a bit lackluster.

Yuksel Sahin is a hair transformation expert that has been in the business for over 20 years and has won the 2019 Stylist of the Year Award. He handles all hair types and recently developed his own line of plant-based and non-toxic hair care products.  It took him three years to create his natural product line that will be available on Amazon soon. I look forward to that!

Yuksel is a Turkish immigrant with a huge heart. He is passionate about his work and his clientele’s needs.

The first step was to touch up my roots, and after, it was time to wash my hair in the massage chair.  My neck tends to be uncomfortable when I get my hair washed, and I just silently bear the discomfort. However, he somehow immediately noticed and placed the softest Turkish microfiber towel underneath my neck and I was perfectly comfortable. This simple act meant a lot! He was attuned to my needs and cared for my comfort; in my many years of going to salons, not a single stylist ever thought to do this.

Lire gently massaged my hair with Yuksel’s hair products. The shampoo and conditioner were both very light and had a very mild sweet pleasant fragrance. The hair products were hydrating, reduced frizz, and made my hair shiny and vibrant.

The second step was to add lowlights which created a subtle elegance and a welcome change that I embraced.

Finally, I was ready for blow drying and styling. The blow dry cream doesn’t make your hair greasy and also helps prevent frizz and gives that polished, finished look.



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Treatment like this made me feel like a Queen for the Day.

Actually, Yuksel does hair for pageant contestants as well. He is a master in his trade and loves challenges. If someone messes up your hair he can fix it! He also specializes in hair extensions and does hair extensions if you have alopecia. His salon is also dog friendly and he brings his 20-year-old pup, Troy, to the salon. Troy loves the sound of the blow dryer.

Yuksel Sahin has clients from all over, not only NYC.  He loves the connection to nature and adds plants to his salon and makes his products from plant-based ingredients. If you want to be treated like the special person you are, visit Yuksel Sahin and you will feel like Royalty for a day.

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