The Daddy Caddy

Calling All Dads: Is it a bird? A plane? Nope; its your kid and he/she needs a new diaper and fast.  The problem; you are in the park, there are people everywhere and not a bathroom in site.  What do you do?

Well; don’t panic.  The good people at have the perfect solution.  BTW: leave it up to a “mama” to come up with this anyhow (we are always thinking LOL).  This is pure, hands-free diaper action within seconds.  My nephew and new dad “Nick” told me he didn’t like all the baby “teddy bear” and “elephant” prints everywhere and on everything.  Not an issue here: we gave him the Daddy Caddy in a sporty black leather style that matches just about anything.  It comes with an extremely easy to stow wipe holder and can hook onto anything: your belt, backpack, even a bike.  My nephew took his baby for a quick spin their radio flyer and clipped it right to the side for fast and easy access if needed.  I found it to be well made and the zippered pouch is perfect for throwing your phone or any other person items you need while concealing them from the outside world.  It is priced perfectly at $19.99 for camo, blue or grey color options and $29.99 for the black leather style making it a great gift for anyone!  The Daddy Caddy is easily found by visiting Buy Buy Baby, Babies R Us, Amazon, Target or  Be a super hero to your growing family and check it out!

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