Grilling and Baking Sheets by Cookina

Whether your culinary specialty be baking inside or grilling outside, Cookina brings you the reusable sheets to get the job done.  These are terrific alternatives to aluminum foil and keep your baking trays, grill and oven clean.  These are completely reusable and easy to cut to size and clean.  The grilling sheet is ok for use on BBQs, microwaves, as well as gas/electric ovens and grills.  They are 100% nonstick and reversible.  They wipe clean easily and there is no food smell or residue left over for the next use.  You should not use scouring agents to clean and make sure the hot surface isn’t over 500 degrees.  Cookina’s reusable baking sheet is a perfect alternative to wax paper, parchment and foil and can be used in gas/electric ovens and microwaves.  I am so super psyched to keep my new cookie sheets in mint condition!  As with the grilling sheets, these do not carry over previous odors from one use to another and they are super easy to re-use and clean.  Your cookies literally will slide right off.  The enclosed cookina ring will help you roll it up to store for its next use.  You are now cooking without unnecessary fats and oils so everything is lower in calories.  They are priced at $12.99 each so its guilt free kitchen wonderfulness!  For more information and to purchase any of their fine products please visit  Keep a look out for two pack deals and larger sizes also available!  Twitter and Facebook provide super easy recipes!  I personally will be making grilled watermelon tomorrow!

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