The Ellusionist Magician Kits

You know we all have a bit of extra time on our hands these days.  Why not try out a new hobby? Why not include a new hobby in your family Easter basket this year.

The Ellusionist brings you really innovative options to learn magic tricks at home.  This past weekend we checked out their “How To Read Minds Kit” ($84).  This kit contains about 20 cool techniques that you can use to actually break down what is going on in someone’s head.  You may even be able to reveal someone’s unlock iPhone code!  You can practice the art of revealing a word someone thinks of, pull a thought out of someone’s mind, predict random generated numbers and more!

How about their How To Be A Magician kit ($49).  This one contains a box of special props and two DVD’s with cool tricks.  We actually really had fun trying them out.  You can work on biting a coin in half and then blowing it back together, move objects without touching them and so much more.  With so much stress and bad going on, this is good clean fun!

Onto the playing cards because every magician needs playing cards.  So many great options but worthy of discussion in particular are Super Bees ($7), Killer Bees ($7), Bicycle 1900 ($6) these really look like they are from centuries ago!  My son loves them! They all have old school authenticity and amazing quality!

Check out these great products!  These are the perfect Easter, Father’s Day, Birthday – any occasion gift!