The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Just Needs an Asian Hottie

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Final TrailerThe latest trailer for Marvel Studios’ The Falcon and The Winter Soldier came out, and it’s the final trailer before the big reveal on Friday.

First of all, my family has gathered together to watch Wandavision every Friday night, and now we are going to have a new tradition in terms of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. Should I just abbreviate it to: TFATWS?  That seems pretty cumbersome.

Anyway, this seems much, much more action-packed than WandaVision, so I have a feeling it will appeal much more to those in the family who need a bit more action. One of the Aunts in our family got a bit emotionally overwhelmed and confused by WandaVision, so this might be more of a straightforward hero movie for her.

Here, however, is my big concern.

Sebastian Stan plays the Winter Soldier, and he is smoldering hot.  I would 100% leave my husband for him.

Anthony Mackie is hot in a different way.  Just as hit, and I would also leave my husband for him.

But I looked at the cast and would like to have an equally hot person from every other race.

So, Marvel, I’d love to nominate: Simu Liu for hot Asian in the Marvel Universe. He’s the unbelievably hot Korean from Kim’s Convenience.

Please, please, please give us a hot Asian, and this could just be The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’s Hot Momma’s Eye Candy Fest.

Anyway, watch the trailer and see you Friday.