Women Owned Clothing Brands Making A Difference

March is Women’s History month so we wanted to feature two women owned clothing companies.  Fortunately, we are finding more and more female entrepreneurs and more and more amazing companies run by women and for women.

This is the month to celebrate Women’s History and these are two companies we discovered that are certainly worth celebrating!

kyte livingKyte Living

Ying Liu is the amazing woman who owns and founded this company.  She left China to pursue a degree in Canada and now has this Texas based ultra comfortable line of clothes that you see in the photo.

Bamboo is three times softer than cotton and it honestly shows. The photo doesn’t even do it justice but this stuff is so soft.

If you’re into bamboo clothes, don’t let the baby in the URL scare you! This is more than just for baby!












EBY is an undergarment brand all about female empowerment. Co-founded by Sofia Vergara and Renata Black.

Now, first of all, I love Sofia Vergara so anything she does is magic to me! But secondly, this stuff is so comfortable I’m in love.

But this brand is so much more tyhan the brand. For example, this month for Women’s History Month they  partnered with Author Deepak Chopra and actress & Humanitarian Gabriella Wright for the first-ever EBY Love In Action Awards on March 29th. I mean how awesome is that!