The Final Word Is Your New Winter Game Night MUST!

It is just so darn cold outside that we are all just staying inside and cozying up with blankets these days!   In my home, we like a nice game night with a warm glass of cocoa and the fireplace.  I am always on the hunt for a new game so I was thrilled to receive a sample of The Final Word over the holidays to try out this past Sunday.

If you like word games as much as I do this is a MUST!  This game is like no other; it is a single deck of cards that you can make into a game for 1-6 players and as easy or hard as you may like it to be.  You can actually play solitaire, or a 2 person game or even involve the entire family at the table!  I was so impressed with how you can do different things like incorporate spelling, scrabble, puzzles, vocabulary and more!  I enjoyed challenging my kids to come up with words using the letter cards in their hands for point values!  My daughter actually pulled off a 6 card word win!  They were laughing and competing not even realizing they were “learning” and expanding their minds in the process.

Make sure you check out their Facebook page with cool game ideas posted all the time!