Redness Relief With Gladskin

Where are my girls who have rosacea prone skin and just sensitive skin in general??  I totally struggle all the time to find a great product to remove my makeup, wash my face etc. that doesn’t make me break out or dry out.  I swear while I love my soft skin…these sensitivities are a real struggle.

Gladskin offers this amazing Redness Relief Trio ($60) that I am thrilled to share with you all.  This is your 3 Musketeers that will never leave your bathroom counter!

Here is what is included:

Redness Relief Cream – this I use twice a day and let it absorb straight into my skin before applying anything else like make up etc.

Face Wash: this I apply with my wet hands and just rinse off with water.  It is basically the first time a face wash didn’t itch my skin or dry me out.

Makeup Remover: I use this two different ways.  You literally do not need a cotton pad or swab.  I start with dry hands and massage into my face and eyelashes.  Then wet your fingers to make this cool creamy foaminess that gets the makeup / day right off.  Simply rinse with water and you are good to go.  FYI I then apply the relief cream again before bed.

These products are hypoallergenic, microbiome safe and contain no preservatives, parabens, fragrance, steroids or sulfates.

Use your holiday gift cards and grab this up!