The Fuzzy Sprout – the absolute best baby towel


The Fuzzy Sprout offers the absolute best baby towel. This ingenious product assures that your baby will go straight from the bath into your arms and will quickly be covered by a soft and warm towel.

You attach the Fuzzy Sprout around your neck with the help of easy snap buttons. Use both your hands to lift your child from the bathtub and place your baby’s head on your shoulder. You then pull the hood over your baby’s head. The snap buttons automatically come undone, and you can quickly wrap your baby in the towel.

So, you have your two hands for your baby at all times. And your baby goes from the water directly to your warm hands and towel. Not one minute do you have to put your baby down on the cold bathroom floor to wrap him. An added bonus is that you yourself will stay completely dry.

The towel is made with 100% organic cotton. Plus, the towel grows with your child, once it is old enough to safely stand up, you can use the towel as a normal hooded towel. You will never need to buy another towel again! This towel is good for newborns to toddlers. It is large enough so my 4-year-old is comfortably wrapped in it.

You can get the towel on Amazon or directly from Fuzzy Sprout.