Reynolds Wrap for Your Summer BBQ!

image of Walking Burger made with Reynolds Wrap heavy duty foil
walking meal

The weather is getting so nice and with that comes our barbecues with family and friends. How about a great barbecue hack using Reynolds Wrap Heavy Duty Foil.  This is a truly neat way to have a mess-free “walking meal” as you finally gather with those you love again.

I just want to mention that this heavy duty foil is super durable; no more tears in your food prep packaging.  We as a family typically use foil for all veggies and some meats as we find it makes it so much easier for clean up; less wear on your grill too!   And the uses don’t stop there – think locking in flavor and moisture, think lining your pans, and even storing the leftovers at the end of your evening.

Now let’s talk quickly about the Walking Burger – this is a great idea; you just make pouches out of the Reynolds Wrap heavy duty foil so you can build your burger, customize it with all your favorite toppings, and then eat it on the go with zero mess!  Where the heck was this hack when my kids were little!

Check out this and other great BBQ ideas so you are ready for a great summer of outdoor food entertaining!