The Galanz Toastwave Saves a Ton of Space and Time

There are many reasons to love the ToastWave appliance from Galanz but the fact that it’s saved me some headaches has to be number one.


First of all, it is a solid machine that looks incredible on your counter. That might not mean a lot to some, but to me I just like the idea of something matching the decore and style of my kitchen.


The machine has four basic features. It has a toaster oven, air fryer, dehydrator, and a microwave. This multi-tasking alone is such a lifesaver.

I have found that I have all four of these devices yet I don’t even use any of them besides the microwave which is permanently on my counter. I am not y to use any of them if I find that I have to take them out and put them on the counter to get anything done.


Seriously, how likely am I to take out the dehydrator? Even the air fryer, it’s something that I love, but I am quite unlikely to take it out every time I see a cool recipe. This involves running to a basement and carrying up a 20 lbs box.


With the Galanz, switching functions is ridiculously simple and really take about 30 seconds of reading the manual. Although, if you’re like me, I would recommend watching a YouTube video or two because I just like to be sure I’m doing everything the right way.


The air fryer work exactly as I expected the machine worked. And like I said it took only a few minutes to figure out. The toaster oven for example is just a turn of a dial in a different button to press. It’s not like my kid’s transformer toys which require a high degree of manipulation just to get moving but of course, with any appliance, you get used to things after a while.


I found the quality of the machine to be my third favorite reason. This machine is a beast. I always worry with all-in-one devices that if it goes wrong you have to replace one massive device but this thing is built solid is not going anywhere.


Overall to me, the Galanz Toastwave is a game-changer of an appliance. I know it sounds weird to brag about appliances, but I immediately put in my attic, my toaster oven, my air fryer and my dehumidifier. I don’t need them at this point and I certainly don’t need the headache of carrying them up and down. This has done a solid job of replacing all four of those gadgets and making my life quite a bit easier.


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