Makes Saving for College Easy

This is one of the most straightforward and end easy reviews I’ve done. makes it simple to buy a gift card to help fund someone’s college savings.  I love the entirety of the product itself, but what makes this brilliant is it makes saving for college easy.

Now, why do I love this idea? Because I feel like we have somehow made gifts an evolution into buying useless products that I’m going to store in the kid’s room for the next 10 years. I find that every year I’m going through my kid’s room and I am donating a ton of stuff and donating it that we bought them last year that they never decide to use.

This makes the gift-giving straightforward to exactly what the kid probably does need which is money for college. I do not care what happens with the economy, or student debt or anything of the sort in the future as I can pretty much guarantee that my kids will need money in some way for college.

I most of all enjoy their website which makes it rather cut and dry and quite obvious on how to save for college. All too often I have had people look at me confused when I even mentioned what a 529 is so I kind of like the idea of how simple they’ve made it.

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