The Habit Nest Daily Planner, Nutrition Sidekick and Badass Body Goals Journal- All you need to accomplish your goals for mind and body starting this New Year!

A new year is notorious for new goal setting.  It feels like a fresh start to accomplish and finally lose the weight you’ve been wanting to and increasing productivity by making a daily plan and sticking to a routine.  Consistency is the key to accomplish the goals you set and holding yourself accountable sometimes requires writing those goals down.  That is where the Habit Nest daily planner comes in.   The Habit Nest is a practical, action-oriented startup aimed at helping people take back decisional authority over every action they take.   Building skills and habits is a great foundation to living a more rewarding life, wasting less time and being more productive.  The planner is a positive attempt to develop a plan and with monthly calendars and habit trackers.  Things will be remembered,  you will be setting priorities, completing simple tasks and organizing your life with your planner.  “Make every day your own masterpiece.”

I use the daily planner to help with my professional development however we all need a healthy life/work balance and that’s where the Nutrition sidekick journal and Badass Body Journal come in.  The Nutrition journal is fully customizable to YOUR eating and dietary preferences whether you’re Keto, Paleo, Vegan, Gluten-free or whatever you may be.    It will help you rewire your eating habits to boost your health and energy.    The truth is most people need some form of guidance when it comes to personal development and the journal provides great tips and strategies to help reach your goal of bettering yourself.

Nutrition and working out go hand-in-hand.  That is why I like the Booty Shaping and Resistance Training Journal (Badass Body Goals).