The Original Boot Bananas Shoe Deodorisers

image of Boot Bananas Shoe Deodorisers in see through packageNow that I discovered the Original Boot Bananas Shoe Deodorisers I can. say goodbye to my teenager’s smelly shoes.  The shoe deodoriser looks like bananas and smells like them too. I really like the smell and over a few days, it’s not as powerful smelling anymore.

It works really well to keep the shoes smelling fresh.   I was ready to toss the shoes away and now it’s like night and day.  It’s really insane that the shoes smell fresh again after using this product.  I am very impressed.


I was looking for something that could help with that stinky shoe smell.   Sprays and scents didn’t work so well.  When I used air fresheners it smelled like air freshener and a bad shoe smell combined.

I was so happy to discover this fruity alternative.  The absorbing deodorizer is made out of natural ingredients.  The sneakers stayed fresh and dry due to the absorbent minerals and fragrance.

The shoes shouldn’t be wet when you use Boot Bananas.  If they do get wet, hang them up to dry.

I know it might be taken the wrong way to receive this gift however it would be much appreciated once it was used.

If you need a gag gift or a gift to give that subtle hint this is definitely a must-buy for that Christmas gift.   I would definitely recommend the Original Boot Banana Shoe Deodorisers, especially to parents of teenagers.