The Pathfinder might be the weirdest (yet coolest) drink you ever tried

The Pathfinder

The bottle looks weird, unlike any other on the shelf. Its packaging is shrouded in a mysterious aura, as though it was plucked from a bygone era. The 19th century’s absinthe, the Green Fairy, seems to have left its mark on The Pathfinder.

This unique spirit boasts a complex and intense flavor, derived from a blend of hemp and roots. The taste and aroma are like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. It’s as though I’m sipping on an elixir of botanicals and herbs, carefully crafted to deliver a taste sensation that lingers on my palate.

Not only can you enjoy The Pathfinder as a non-alcoholic spirit, but it also doubles as a cocktail mix. You can choose to savor it as a shot, neat, or on the rocks, or use it to create a plethora of cocktails. The versatility of this innovative spirit makes it perfect for any occasion.

The Pathfinder is a fermented and distilled hemp-based product, free from any CBD or cannabinoid. The hemp is fermented and then carefully refined by copper pot distillation. The resulting liquid is blended with a unique alchemy of wormwood, angelica root, ginger, sage, juniper, saffron, orange peel, and wild-crafted Douglas-fir. To add to its complexity, natural terpenes are also included in the blend.

Initially, you may feel a bit lost on how to mix The Pathfinder, but worry not. A list of cocktail recipes accompanies each bottle, or you can find them on their website. The Pathfinder is a revolutionary spirit that promises to take you on a journey of discovery, with each sip revealing new layers of character and complexity.

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