The Rock Sings Adorable Moana Washing Song

First of all, which Mom among us does NOT have a crush on The Rock. Now combine that with who doesn’t love the song “You’re Welcome” from Moana. Lastly, who doesn’t need a way to tell the kids to wash their hands.

Here you have the perfect mix of eye candy in The Rock in song.  The Rock sings the song with his equally adorable daughter Baby Tia.   Beyond the idea that this gets her washing, it’s probably going to be a wonderful father/daughter memory.

Plus, imagine the daughter’s reaction whenever she sees the movie Moana.

The post has over 20 million views and the reactions are basically as you would expect.

The song is about 20 seconds long — which of course is coincidentally  exact time the CDC  says that we should spend on washing our hands to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

“Our sheltering at home, pre-daddy’s-shower ritual,” Johnson wrote in the caption. “Before my showers now, Baby Tia (mama mia) demands I sing the rap portion of my song ‘You’re Welcome’ from MOANA, while I wash her hands.”

“We realized a few weeks ago that the rap portion of the song is perfect timing when getting your little ones to have fun washing their hands. Stay healthy and safe, my friends.”

Now of course, Daddy Rock is going to be expected to keep singing this song every time. I’m sure every parent knows the feeling of something that was adorable driving you nuts.

But fear not ladies, I’m more than fine watching more than one version of shirtless Rock singing Moana.

You’re welcome!


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