The Tonka Off-Road Collection

Start you engines; the new line of off-road trucks from Tonka is an awesome addition for your child this gift-giving season.  Perfect for little guys 3 and up, these are “get dirty in the mud” kind of racing trucks.  It literally looks like the real thing and has super cute rubber tires and working suspension.  My nephew spent the afternoon at my house and couldn’t get enough of the really authentic sounds and lights.  It was totally realistic and so easy to activate with the push of a button.

We also put the “Off Road T-Rex” to the test.  It was so super cool and looks just like the real thing!  Also really easy to use; sounds and lights by the push of one button and off we were to a new adventure.  The tires are really great; they are strong enough to withstand the wear and tear of the “gentle 3-5 year old”.  All trucks in this collection come with the 3AA batteries and they range in price from $18.00 – $33.00.  You can easily find them by visiting, and your local toys r us and walmart.  These are a must for the little guy in your life.  Oh and as a parent my absolute favorite part was the easy access perforated bottom of the box making the art of removing the toy from the box so much less painful than usual.  This mom was happy!

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