Sweet Home Farm Granola

71PTwjJ4t3L._SL1500_Not all granola is “healthy.”  I’ve come across some brands that have so much sugar they might as well label it candy.  Then you have the flip side where the granola is super healthy but tastes like sawdust.  Sweet Home Farm Granola is healthy and tastes good.

I tried Blueberry with Flax and the Honey Nut with Almonds. Let’s start with the healthy part.  Only high-quality ingredients that are grown and made without GMOs are used.  Sweet Home Farm Granola never uses preservatives or artificial flavors or colors.  The granola is packaged in “milk cartons” which can be recycled.

The Blueberry with Flax has 26g whole grains, 4g fiber in a 3/4 cup serving, and 14g of sugar.  The Honey Nut with Almonds has 32g whole grains per 1/2 cup serving and 5g of fiber as well as 11 grams of sugar.  Each granola also has almost 5g of protein.

Let’s talk taste.  The Blueberry granola tastes like a gourmet blueberry muffin.  I can snack on this stuff all day.  You can taste the honey in the Honey Nut granola.  The Honey Nut tastes like a really good oatmeal cookie without raisins.

I think Sweet Home Farm Granola is great for a quick breakfast on a school day as well as a wholesome snack to pack in your kid’s lunch. Even easier, this granola is actually on Amazon.

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