The Traveling Vietnamese Coffee

Are you a coffee drinker?   Do you travel?

If you answered yes to both these questions, then this product is perfect for you.

You will need access to hot water. I had a Keurig coffee machine in my hotel room, however, no coffee.  Go figure.   I was so happy that I brought the Copper Cow Coffee.

The coffee comes in a convenient single-serve pouch and so does the real milk and sugar combination creamer.   No preservatives or artificial flavors.

I placed the coffee that was in a pre-filled coffee filter on the cup.  It has little handles to hold the filter in place as the hot water pours in.   I used the coffee machine to heat up the water. Then added the real milk and sugar.  

My coffee was ready to drink in 90 seconds.   It was tasty and delicious and tasted natural.

Copper Cow Coffee comes in different flavors.  I tried the classic, lavender, and rose lattes.   I prefer the classic hot, however, I like the lavender iced.  What’s cool is that you can build a customized box that is just right for you.   The website has a section where you are asked a  series of questions in 30 seconds so you can create your ideal box.

Copper Cow Coffee Company is a woman-owned company and is on a mission to sustainably support and share the vibrant heritage of Vietnamese coffee.  I was happy that I could buy this product at Whole Foods.  Check the website for more information and pricing.