This Vaccine appointment was efficient for me

Vaccine RolloutI’ve heard many people complaining of concerned about the vaccine and the distribution and wanted to address those concerns.

Today, I received my vaccine at Aqueduct and to be honest I found the entire process to be more efficient even the most best run Disney productions.

There are helpful signs everywhere, volunteers everywhere, and even army guards helping direct and keeping people in line.

The entire process was probably one of the most smooth and efficient process is I’ve ever seen and I am the type who likes to complain and find something wrong in everything.

Here I am, waiting in the recovery area and they are handing out helpful forms. There are volunteers all over, constantly checking in on you to make sure that you feel your best.

If you have any doubts or concerns about the process here, put them to the side. This has so far been incredibly well done and once you see the experience you will feel quite safe and assured that things are going to be fine.

This entire pandemic/COVID experience is going to be behind us and all will be ok!


Go out and get your vaccine! There should be no doubt that this roll out is working well.

Have you been vaccinated yet? How was your experience ?