Great Games For Your Easter Baskets!

Easter is coming up quick and here are some great and super fun game ideas for someone on your list! These are some really great and very different game options!

Buddy Hop: This is a great game is actually two games in one!  The first game focuses on memory and sequencing while the second option works with visual association.  It comes with these super cute foam character mats that will keep your child fully engaged.  Good for ages 4+ you will adore having fun with your child while they are learning STEM/Math and more!  Simply Fun has so many great educational fun options!

Blobby’s Pizza: this intriguing card game is great for ages 9+.  This is a game of strategy we had a lot of fun with.  It is a pizza eating contest that teaches fractions, decimals and percentages.  I thought it was creative and different!

Bluffaneer Dice Game: who is good at bluffing?!  If you are, this is the game for you!  The goal is to steal the most treasure by bluffing your way through each round and roll of the dice.  We spent a rainy afternoon pretending we were pirates searching for gold.  Great for ages 10 and up it; great for travel as it will fit in any bag.  Think camping, sleepovers and more!

Roto Brain: This is like the 2021 version of the Rubix Cube.  Can you crack the color combo code?? There are three levels of difficulty (start out easy it is harder than it looks).  Once you solve the code you can create custom ones.  I loved how different it was each time.  You learn as you solve the puzzle.  It is such a welcome use of our brains over here; all the phones and devices were put down and we were all more refreshed than we’ve been in a while.

Check them all out!