TheraBalm Review

thera balm

Where are my CBD product fans out there?  How about a great CBD balm that will restore your skin, promote skin growth and regeneration, and also reduce the nasty inflammation we all suffer from? Enter TheraBalm. This premium product will be a staple in your medicine cabinet!

Cool things about this product:  The scent is not overwhelming.  Ingredients include all-natural botanicals and everything organic.  The formula is non-GMO and cruelty-free.

Other noteworthy ingredients of this product include marshmallow root (hydration), calendula (wound healing), chamomile (redness reduction), rosehips (new skin growth and antibacterial), plantain (skin regeneration/anti-scarring), and CBD (anti-inflammatory) along with CBG (which enhances CBD).  This is the whole package here.  You are truly in good hands.

The balm’s main purpose is for scars and discomfort.  Also works with reducing pigmentation and scars from acne, surgeries, and more.  You can also use this product for dry skin, eczema, chapped lips, and more! I also want to mention that it is long-lasting and works really quickly.  You can easily apply the balm topically to the targeted area and repeat in about four hours as necessary.

A 2-ounce jar will cost you $39.95.  It contains 600 mg CBD and 300 mg CBG.  We are loving the results on some red spots that have been troubling us over here.

Check out TheraBalm!