ThermaCELL Heat Therapy

Now that summer is coming to a close, it’s gonna get cold baby and fast.  I am thrilled to have the wonderful 2015 products from ThermaCELL to keep my family warm.  I used to think products like this were only for people who worked outdoors; these are actually perfect for winter sports, hunting, snowy fun, fishing and skiing as well!  ThermaCELL heat packs are actual rechargeable packs that provide continuous warmth.  These packs fully charge in 4 hours and can be recharged over 500 times.  You can get 6 hours of perfect warmth no worries.  Wanna change the temperature? Absolutely feel free to adjust the warming level either low, medium or high.  They are available in two sizes (we tried out the larger, pocket warmer but a smaller hand warmer is also available).  Pocket size is perfect to fit in your coat while the hand size fits right in your glove.  I was so impressed with how warm I felt in comparison to those heat packs that work for a few minutes and do not distribute an even warmth over time.  Each pack is lined with “plush phase-changing material (PCM)” actually developed for the space program; this fabric is responsible for the even heat distribution.

Next up we tried out ThermaCELL’s Heated insoles.  My husband was in love within seconds.  They fit so comfortably inside his boots (poor guy shovels for hours out there) and he said over time they really maintained a consistent warm temperature.  Simply stick the wireless remote in your pocket so you can adjust between medium, high or no heat settings.  These batteries also charge in 4 hours and come in various size runs for the perfect fit.  One comment he made was he was super impressed that his feet didn’t sweat once!  If you are the kind of person who travels often you can also purchase a car charger for the batteries.  Also available is a “ProFLEX” model that allows for batteries to be swapped out (insoles never have to come out to recharge) and the battery packs to do so.

Believe me; I am in no rush at all for the cold weather but my family is certainly ready for it when it comes!

thermacell heated insole thermacell heat pack


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