Bud the Spud

Yesterday, my niece and I read Bud the Spud, written by Adam Byrn Tritt and illustrated by “Java John” Goldacker. Before I tell you all the reasons why I absolutely loved this book, I’d like to urge you to go out and buy it immediately! Bud the Spud tells the story of Bud, just your average child who liked pizza and ice cream and watching TV. However, Bud loved watching TV too much; you name the show, Bud watched it. Much to his friends’ and parents’ chagrin, he always chose to watch TV instead of playing with friends, going outside, etc. Now this is where this wacky tale gets interesting: Bud turned into a couch potato … a smelly, round, dusty, moldy couch potato. Now, I’m not one for giving away endings, so I will just say, Adam Byrn Tritt cleverly writes (and “Java John” Goldacker colorfully illustrates) the grotesque consequences of being a couch potato. With three alternate endings (each one more brilliant than the next), the author shines a light on the alarming rise in childhood obesity in this country. (Adults and teachers: Don’t miss the author’s note at the end of the story!) As an educational administrator, I love a children’s book that really teaches an important lesson alongside inspired illustrations and creative words and stories; you get that – and more – with Bud the Spud

My review? Two very enthusiastic thumbs up! My niece’s review? “That was so funny and so good … and so disgusting!” That’s a rave review from a child if I ever saw one!

Bud the Spud is available via the author’s website, in book stores, and on Amazon. Both author Adam Byrn Tritt and illustrator “Java John” Goldacker sadly lost their wives to cancer; to that end, 10% of sales of Bud the Spud will be donated to fight cancer.

Now excuse me while I get up off my couch and go run a mile. I wouldn’t want to become a couch potato!


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