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thetablecompany 2


I recently had the pleasure of receiving a stunning table from The Table Company, and I must say, the experience was both seamless and enjoyable. The ordering process was incredibly straightforward and the table itself is an absolute masterpiece.

Let’s start with the ordering process. I was impressed by how easy it was to order from their website, which is user-friendly and offers a wide range of options. I chose the Teak Coffee Live Edge Plank, which is a wood slab table that is incredibly popular. However, The Table Company’s version was much cheaper than anything I’ve seen in stores.

When the table arrived, I was delighted to find that it was effortless to assemble. The instructions were included and provided all the necessary tools, so it was just a matter of screwing in the legs. It wasn’t too heavy either, making the process all the more effortless. They even provided a wrench to tighten everything up.

Now, let’s talk about the table itself. The Teak Coffee Live Edge Plank is a work of art. The live edge adds so much character to the piece, and the wood grain is simply beautiful. I’ve already received numerous compliments on it, and it’s only been a few weeks since I’ve had it. What’s more, at a price point of $525 (as of this writing), it’s an excellent value compared to other stores.

I admit, the “member price” on the site initially confused me, but once I understood that membership is free and the final price was clear, it was a great deal.  The word “member price” should probably be though of as “Discounted Price” as membership is just a few seconds and doesn’t cost you anything.


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thetablecompany 1


What makes The Table Company stand out is not just their stunning products, but their commitment to sustainability. Most of their wood is locally sourced from sustainable plantations, purchased directly from local farmers and plantations, milled to their specifications, and transformed into furniture. The company even sponsors tree-planting programs in remote mountain villages to replace the wood they use.

Their craftsmanship is also impressive. Each table is built and finished by hand using traditional techniques, rather than being mass-produced with robotics. Their attention to detail is evident in their selection of finishing options, which include three surface textures and more than six colors, all painstakingly hand-applied using a 10-step process with environmentally safe finishing products. The founders of the company are based in Thailand and ensure that every piece of furniture exceeds expectations for high-quality and long-lasting craftsmanship.

In short, The Table Company provides an exceptional experience for those seeking beautiful and sustainable furniture. Their wood slab tables are incredibly popular, and they make the process of ordering and assembling them completely effortless. At a reasonable price point, they provide a fantastic value for their customers.

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