ThinkFun’s Cold Case Games

We are a big board game family.  A whole closet full of them!  So, when I was asked to check out ThinkFun’s Cold Case Games, I was more than happy to oblige.

In these games, you are basically called on for the task of investigating unsolved murder cases from long ago.  The box has everything that you need; such as cool realistic materials pertaining to the particular crime and the story you need to figure out the case.  If you follow the clues, you will figure out the true killer and can submit your answer online.  This game is perfect for ages 14 and up (I will say that my 12-year-old had no trouble at all joining in on the fun).  This is a true murder mystery event in the comfort of your own home.  Everyone jumps right in and the kids won’t even realize that they are problem-solving and using critical thinking, logic, and deductive reasoning, all while having fun.

The game took us about an hour and 15 minutes to complete.  This is also kind of a great idea for a small group of friends (mom night), or even a date night.  I love the ThinkFun brand and their games so much!

You can also grab these easily on Amazon – the cost is about $15 per game.

Check them out!