ThinkWrite Headphones Review

Think write

How about the perfect technology gift for someone on your holiday shopping list? ThinkWrite Technologies brings you “Headphones Reimagined.”

We are loving their REVO Premium Wired Over-Ear Headphones ($30). These are very comfortably cushioned with a padded headband. No unnecessary pressure on your ears. They offer great sound quality and minimize background noise. They’re perfect for listening to music, podcasts, videos, and really anything that interests you. They are great for the entire family and are easily customized to size to your head. Also, very easy to clean and maintain. You can grab REVO Headphones easily on Amazon as well.

We love that the company takes into account bringing you a quality product so you aren’t damaging your ears. With all the sound-producing devices we are now using, hearing loss is a big concern. Happy to use a product that doesn’t make me worry so much about all the time we spend online and “connected.”

They also offer great “Lite” options for classroom use, pro options for audio enjoyment, and gaming headphones for the gamer in your life! They work great in conjunction with the Chromebooks my children use in school each day.

Check out ThinkWrite headphones as a holiday gift must!