The Countdown to Christmas Doll from Santa Clothes

image of two Countdown to Christmas Dolls sitting in a chair, one light skin santa and one dark skin santa

In my house, we love ourselves an Advent calendar. It started with the cute 24 pieces of chocolate calendars and somehow morphed into 12 days of socks, 12 days of spa treatments, and most recently 12 days of fishing lures, in my home.

I was so excited when I received The Countdown to Christmas Doll from Santa Clothes this year.  An adorable plush option to help your kids countdown to Santa’s big arrival.

Your mission – to dress Santa for his big day.  On December 12th – you hang all his clothes on a clothesline.  Each day, your kids take turns (be nice, no fighting because “Santa is watching”) dressing him until he is ready to go on Christmas Eve.

What is included in the box – an 18-inch Santa doll, 12 items of clothing, and the clothesline with 12 pins. The cost is $49.99 and completely worth it for the great family decoration and time spent together getting super pumped for Christmas morning!

We also love that they offer a light skin and dark skin option! The company is amazing and inspirational to me. The doll came from a 50-year tradition that Kevin Pierce (Founder) enjoyed with his parents and siblings.  He in turn made a doll for his family and now we can all enjoy this amazing idea!

Check out The Countdown to Christmas Doll from Santa Clothes NOW!  Hurry you need it by Dec 12th!