Three Amazon Prime Day Specials You Can Get Right Now

There are a few Amazon Prime Day specials that you can actually order right now. Now it’s going to sound like a crazy coincidence but these specials also happen to be on Amazon products.  That said, they are severely discounted so now might be a good time to stock up with the Amazon Prime Day Specials that are out there.



I love using the Kindle and this bundle has a few extras. But I love using the Kindle because it’s so easy to read with it.  In blaring  sunlight you can still read this thing. Who am I kidding? There is no sun and no beaches with Corona times! But still it’s a great reader.







The Nest is actually the security system that I use. I love it, and I love the app.  This really is quite an easy camera to use and highly recommend it.






The Ring doorbell is basically now the standard on these doorbell cameras. They are absolutely brilliant for quarantine and watching for packages getting stolen off your porch.  If this prevents one package from being stolen, it pays for itself.

Plus I hate talking to people face to face during a pandemic so this is great!