COVID Friendly Survival Items

I know we are doing better, but we still have to majorly be careful heading out the door.  Here are a few more super functional items that you will love!

Touchie:  Here is a fun and stylish no-contact tool that you can use anywhere in an effort to not touch door knobs, touchscreens etc. I can’t believe the strength on this tool; its so small and comes in so many cute designs/patterns yet it works perfectly on pulling, lifting or turning doors, it works on the keypad at the ATM like a champ, and it even functions as a hook to help you carry your shopping bags.  Grab up Touchie The Original  for $10.00.  The Touchie + is $15.00 and works on all types of touchscreens in addition to the functions of the Original Touchie.  These come in a huge array of styles and are made of strong, ABS plastic.  Think stocking stuffers!

Earth To Skin Hand Sanitizer:  I know we are all grabbing up Hand Sanitizer everytime we see it.  I have a rule it must be at least 70% Ethyl Alcohol.  Well, Earth to Skin Hand Sanitizer is 72% so this is right up my ally.  This is a vegan product that comes in awesome options like lemon and basil, watermelon, blueberry and my personal favorite coconut and aloe.  The price is also awesome; at Walmart you can score (6) 2 oz bottles for $6.99.  Think back to school, think winter germs and once again, dare I say stocking stuffer.

CES Store Hand Sanitizing Spray Wristband ok this is style meets functionality.  You actually just fill up the enclosed “spray tank” with your favorite disinfectant solution and you are on your way to being comfortable and healthy as you navigate through this scary world of ours.  So many awesome colors and patterns for both adults and kids!


UV Survival Kit

This kit has everything one needs in one convenience package. My love it has the UV light, it has the wipes, it really has everything. I love the fact of how easy this package is to handle all of your Covid needs.  It is basically an essential question in covid times to confirm you have your supplies and this really covers it all. One stop shopping for all!